Sunday, 19 September 2010

Mighty Space Miners

Something i watched last night which i really enjoyed but sadly never got an ending. Ends on a cliffhanger because of bad sales when it was released i think, only 2 episodes when there should have been 3 or more maybe.

Really like the concept, in the future a company in Earths orbit captures meteors and then mines them and ships the resources back to Earth. Really liked the designs in the show, all seemed very plausible. My favorite design is this massive flying aircraft carrier which space shuttles are sent out to space from Earth, no need for massive rocket if your so high up in the sky for shuttle launches.

Main story about this kid who wants to pass hi astronaut tests amongst a big disaster while the company trys and captures some Hailey's comet. A very funny show as well, shame it left on a cliffhanger, i thought it was quality,guess with the many OVA's released during the 80's this on just got missed.


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