Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Revell 1/144 Eurofighter TYPHOON - Cockpit done, built and ready to be primed - Wip -

Revell  1/144 Eurofighter TYPHOON - Cockpit Wip - 2
Started this little beauty of a kit during the weekend, got quite far with it in a short time.

My own little pilot i sculpted for the cockpit. Going to try and make more modern and WW2 1/144 pilots.
No decal for the control panel with the revell kit which i thought it being a new one it would have, had to dig through my left over for one.
Revell  1/144 Eurofighter TYPHOON - Cockpit Wip - 1

Basic build all done and ready to be primed, left  the nose off as its a different shade of grey and wanted to try painting it separately then gluing in on afterward, see how that turns out.

Also tried Humbrol Maskol on the cockpit, stuff stinks of old fish and totally ruins the brush you, reckon i won't be using that again useless for camo designs.

Revell  1/144 Eurofighter TYPHOON - Ready to be primed - 2



LEon said...

is the cockpit dashboard a sticker or you paint it on? Look really neat!

Ant Sized Man said...

Its a decal, which is kinda like a sticker, wish i could paint like that but if i could i reckon i would end up going blind.