Friday, 2 April 2010

Making of Otti - Open the Toy mascot - [Part 2]

Open the Toy - Otti - Most of the paint applied and starting the eyes.

More making of the maskot for Leon's Open the Toy,  OTTi.

After getting him all ready, its time for the paint work. Above you can see that he's nearly all done, just started the eyes here. Had no airbrush at this time but still think i did quite a nice job with the brush work. First i painted the blue trouser which then i masked off, then the white and then all detail like shoes and finally the eyes.

Below is all the paint done and ready for a nice gloss coat to protect the paint work and protect him on his journey back home. Pupils on the eyes was a little tricky had to redo them a few times so that i hope he's actually looking at you.

Open the Toy - Otti - Paint all completed and ready fro a gloss coat.

This is the last photo i took before posting him out with the homemade decals on his t-shirt.

Open the Toy - Otti - Homemade decal applied, finished and ready to post.

Check out the finished result HERE

From my little Making of you would'nt have guessed that i received the figure befroe Christmas and took me about 3 months to complete. Really enjoyed making him though, something new which was different to the mecha or aircraft i usually make.



LEon said...

You did a excellent job buddy. THanks for making my dream come true. :)

Ant Sized Man said...

Not a problem, lovin the great response to the little guy.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Excellent collaberation between the two as well as good showcase of talent!