Friday, 2 April 2010

Making of Otti - Open the Toy mascot - [Part 1]

Open the Toy - Otti - draft design.
Before Christmas Leon  from Open the Toy asked me of i could make repaint a figure to make his askot OTTi, yeah i thought why not. Never done anything like that before and would like to have ago at something pop art.

Above is the design Leon sent and below is the original figure which i receiveda ll the way from Singapore in like 4 days, super fast! Which i think might be vinyl.

Open the Toy - Otti - Original figure, not quite the happy guy. Open the Toy - Otti - Original figure 2

Open the Toy - Otti - Original figure 3

 First thing to be done is to sand and get him primed so i can apply the paint.

Open the Toy - Otti - Sanded, ready to be primed

After being primed i tried out the green paint i had chosen for OTTi's skin tone, looked perfect to me, very vibrant.
Open the Toy - Otti - Primed

Next up paint


Janus Lu said...

Wow! You make OTTi became reality! I like it! Good job man! :)

Ant Sized Man said...

Thank you very much and welcome.

Janus Lu said...

Do you mind I add your blog into my blog buddy list???