Thursday, 3 December 2009

Not a 1/144 scale SR-71 Black Bird

Comparason with F-14, Blackbird should be twice the size.

As soon as i saw this kit in the model shop it was an instant buy, the Blackbird's got to be one of the coolest jets around.

Has 1/144 on the side of the box but once opened the size of the cockpit looked very small. So i assembled the fuselage and measured her up, then checked out the stats on Wikipedia and reckon this is probable more 1/220, way to small for me.

Should be twice the length of the F-14 Tomcat above. As the kit was not looking all the good to me i decided to ditch her and use the parts i like for future scratch building.

Hobby Craft SR-71 Blackbird, 1/144 on the box but way to small.

Here she is in action, what a beauty. Looks like there are other kit available so will buy one in the future.

SR-71 Blackbird Over Snow Capped Mountains [1680x1050]

Would not be able to resist adding a little Decepticon decal underneath, make my own 1/144 scale Jetfire.


LEon said...

Cool! Will wait for your complete work for this jetfire. :P

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Indeed, this is one of the coolest stealth plane ever made though I like Tomcat best.

Tsang said...

Same here.

i saw the "1/144" on the box and immediately i bought it.

yet, when i opened the box, "oh my god how come this SR-71 is soooooooooo small?!?" lol
it's much smaller than my dear F-4s/F-14s.....!

feel like getting cheated XD