Sunday, 22 November 2009

HG Zaku II progess, weapons and manipulators

HG Zaku II weapons and manipulators

Almost everything done on the manipulator or hands, reading gunpla blogs and it seems that what the hands on a mecha are called, like it sounds sci-fi. Seen quite a few pictures with the fingers either black or green, went with metallic black because i prefer the way it looks.

Weapons got a top coat of black before a more metallic finish, filled in the underneath of the rifle magazine as it makes it looked heavy and an empty one would look kinda lame.



Dennis aka Katsuden said...

To me, the most unique of Zaku's weapon would be the heat axe!

Shaun said...

very nice work, looking forward to more work in progress pix. :)

Ant Sized Man said...

A gaint mecha with a axe is awesome, nothing like a giant medievil fight.