Saturday, 7 November 2009

Blue Gender - The Warrior

Blue Gender - The Warrior

An 26 episode anime TV series which has been condensed into an hour and an half movie, doesn't really work.

The first half is fine and its about the journey to get to Second Earth which took quite along time in the series but the second half is really confusing. if you haven't watched the TV series then really you got no idea whats going on.

Found the TV series myself to be quite a gore fest but in the movie theres even more, no leaving it to the viewer imagination here, in fact it worse then what i could would have imagined.

Ending was very different, in the series even though most of mankind has been wiped out it ends on a happy note, with the movie i was a little confused. Thought that at the end of the credit there might be a little easter egg giving the viewer a little something to take away with them but alas no.

Still good points were that all the sound effect i remember where in there and a little bit more animation which was alot better than what was in the TV series.

I'm a completest so ive had this on my watch list for some time hoping to complete the Blue Gender anime but otherwise i would say just watch the series and only watch this if your mildly interested to see how you hard it is to condense a entire series into a movie.

1/5 out of 5


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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The pic looks great! Pity it has such low rating.