Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Wild River's G-WORLD

Amazing mook i bought on my trip to Japan, in Akihabara (i want to go back so much!). These dioramas are awesome and are so detailed that you notice something new everytime you look, or i do at least and i like to browse through this one often.

Just like me, Wild River has a penchant for the One Year War, espeacially Gravity Front Zeon. Click on through to my Flickr for much bigger photos to explore the amazing details.

Acguy, my second favorite amphibious suit after Z'Gok.

Made the YMS-15 Gyan look cool, looks great on screen but never really a fan gunpla wise.

Winter soliders

This Zaku Cannon diorama is the best!

Imagine its inspired by a German 88.

The White Base in Belfast, talk about detail.

Z'Gok rescue, really looking forward to the RG.


Brilliant U.C. Hardgraph diorama with he Wappa.

Have'nt been modelling of late but still have WiPs on the bench, alot of them.

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you the magazine scan. Great diorama...