Saturday, 13 July 2013

Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I - Sniper Type - WiP 5 -

Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I - Sniper Type - WiP 8 -

Been a couple of months since i updated this build, during summer my model building really takes a sideline.

Head/monitor and the chest completed, looking like the best modelling works ive done so far, all very crisp and clean but had taken me month to get to this stage.

Knee stand from the HGUC added to the RG, alot of the inner frame cut up to fit this the way i wanted up close sitting on the leg. No need to add Real Grade detail to this parts, for HGUC is is really already very detailed.

Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I - Sniper Type - WiP 7 -

Backpack with the RG rocket booster instead of the big ugly HGUC ones, also did this so what when all my other RG Zakus are lined up from behind there is a sort of conformity.

Little bit of detail added to the backpack, panels lines and screw holes to break some of the plain surfaces.

Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I - Sniper Type - WiP 6 -

Really not alot left to do, going to wait for the weather to cool before i paint this.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Interesting mod to the backpack and antenna on the head. Good combination to HG parts on RG detail

Precious said...

This is cool!

Kevin K said...

Two things I hope you can reply, how do you get the edges to stay so sharp and keep the mouth vent section curved? Details like that always get messy for me. And what do you do to get the vulcans lined up and drilled in correctly? I wanted to try something similar with the spare hguc gm ground head from my ground war set, and gerbera tetra but I dont have any clue where to start with drilling round surfaces.