Thursday, 6 June 2013

Real Grade - MS-06J Zaku II "White Orge" - WiP 4 - Painted

Real Grade - MS-06J Zaku II "White Orge" - WiP 4 - Painted

White and very clean.

But not very long, weather the hell out of this soon.

Took me some time to paint every single part a uniform white, don't know if it normal but used nearly an entire jar of the Tamiya paint to get this result.

Few issues to fix before starting on the weathering, maybe not so much in the photo but where i covered over the verniers on the front calves is really visible, going to have to strip the paint, putty again to make perfect. Also front part of the face (snout?) must have lost that somewhere along the way because once assembled no sign of that, have been searching but luckily if not found i have a spare if needed, looks kinda goofy without it.

Can see alot of the mods from the rear, back of the calves verniers have been covered and a panel line drawn down the centre like the MG J type, top of the backpack verniers filled in and the booster rockets replaced with the smaller ones from the calves because big old rockets ain't need on the gravity front. Also the standard sharpening of the spikes on the shoulder guard and thining the head antenna.

Real Grade - MS-06J Zaku II "White Orge" - WiP 3 - Painted

Kind of white finish i'd like to have on Shin's MS-06R-1A White Wolf, but a long way off yet.

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

WIP and already, I could see so much of the details.