Tuesday, 12 March 2013

U.C Hardgraph 1/144 - PVN.4/3 Wappa - WiP -

U.C Hardgraph 1/144 - PVN.4/3 Wappa - WiP -

Been over a year since i remodelled, painted and decaled this wee Wappa and have just now tried to weather it up a little but so small ive been having ahard time not ruining it.

Going to try making a pilot sitting in the seat now, got the new gunpla builder 1/144 mobile crew on the way to me, will see what those will turn out to be soon.



Dazzio said...

Damn dude! Please tell me, you used a magnifying glass to see that!! That is well impressive, looks sweet to me :)

Oh I was going to say, I see that Retrowings are doing a set of 1/144 maintainers now. Ordered a set already. Also Modelzone are going a 3 for 2 offer for Revell models. Picked myself up a few F-16's :)


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's so.... small! Is there Zeon insignia decal as small as that?