Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Next Real Grade - MS-05 Zaku I -

Next Real Grade - MS-05 Zaku I -

After seeing this postcard inside the box of the RG Zaku II decided "i'm going to build that".  Especially since i have a HGUC MS-05 Zaku I assembled but not having any use for now since ive become somewhat addicted to UC Real Grade kits. Bought this Zaku II in Yodabashi camera just like the Gundam i recently completed and yet again my suitcase must have been treaty like a rugby ball to come back to me in the condition i was.

One of the parts im going to change to the Zaku I on the postcard is the shoulder guard, instead of using the one from the HGUC kit, i think it would look better if i removed the spikes of the RG Zaku II shoulder. Then i hope it will fit in more with is younger sibling the Zaku II. So the first thing i started last night was to hack of the spikes bases and plaster the gap with putty. In the photo it the second lot of putty just added after the first sanding attempt, reckon it will take a few tries to get the uniform ball without it being visible that there where once holes there.

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-05 Zaku I - WiP 1 - Shoulder guard


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Dexter said...

Nice work, and thank you. You inspired me to start my own "Real Grade Zaku 1".