Thursday, 5 January 2012

F-toys 1/144 Me 262 - Avia CS-92 WiP -


Quite often when ive bought model from Japan im given a free gift and its usually an F-toys Me 262, ive got maybe 6 of them now, single and two-seater's. Modelled as the post war Czechoslovak built 263, the Avia S-92, two-seater CS-92. I wanted to model an aircraft as i feel like quite some time since i finished a model plane.

This is a quick remodel, adding detail to the cockpit and undercarriage and hiding the seam lines then hand painted using Citadel Foundation paint, first aircraft ive brush painted since i bought an airbrush. Got the decals from a lot of 1/144 decals i bought of eBay year ago and always come in handy.

This turned out to be a quick build and really have almost finished in no time, should have a look at remodelling more F-toys like i use to, just got to make sure that an f-toys gasphon i buy have nice clear canopy, never good making one with ugly murky clear plastic.


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