Saturday, 24 December 2011

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-06S Zaku II "Char Aznable Custom" - WiP 3 - Decaled, assembled.


Wanted Char's Zaku to be less pink and more red and yeah it very red. Quite bling in the photo, always had trouble photographing red, always over saturated.

Painted the red differently to the green zaku, instead of following the RG instructions and have every panel a different shade, ive kept to the usual Zaku scheme and painted the body one whole colour and the limbs another. When looking at real military vehicles separate panel are very rarely painted different shades, i figure why noit with future weapons.

Got these 2 Rg Zaku up to the same stage right now, painted the metallic effects on the joints instead of the stickers which came with the kits.

Decaled the green MS-06F first some time ago and followed the instructions perfectly but after finishing it thought that maybe the decals made it look too busy so Char's Zaku ive decaled less tried only one decal perfect limb.

Next up weathering

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