Tuesday, 20 July 2010

[Kit Review] - LS 1/144 - Northrop F-20 Tigershark -


Got this kit in a trade and looked like a quick easy build.
Prototype in the next stage in the F-5 Tiger II development, which was to produce a fighter to sell to country who could not afford the USA bigger more expensive birds and less technology just in case these fell into soviet hands. Then Ronald Reagan came into power and was happy for every ally of democracy to get the awesome F-16 after the USSR invaded Afghanistan.

Apparently Chuck Yeager said it was the best jet he'd ever flown.

Simple but quite nice looking detail for a plane that only got 4 prototype and must be somewhere between 20-30 years old. Reckon ill be lucky it i can still use the decals.

Best sprued up canopy ive yet seen, the sprue is attached on the fitting surface instead of on the side which i always have a problem of the sprue mark still visible on the clear plastic.

LS 1/144 - Northrop F-20 Tiger Shark - sprue


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Anonymous said...

Did you ever build it? If so can you post some pics? Thanks.