Saturday, 8 May 2010

Big Wars

"Grand Scale Space Opera" It may well be but with a total lack of story. The animation in the anime OVA is really very good, the old cell painted animation from the 80's and early 90's which is my favorite with some very nice mecha design.

The big problem with this is the total lack of story, its like the move starts over half way though what it should be, there no beginning. There is this massive opening Star Wars style crawl try to explain a plot about the Greek gods fighting a war against humans on Mars and not being very good at it?. Basically theres this big battle cruiser which is impossible for the humans to destroy, which then this team goes on suicide mission and destroys quite easily, then goes home, its crazy.

Still if you want a quick fix of sci-fi anime watch this and try not to think about what the heck it going on.

Where the heck where the awesome looking Greek Gods, not a sign of super men anywhere, just a few cherubs.


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