Tuesday, 2 March 2010

1/144 scale F-15 and MIG-29 all painted and ready to decal.


Had good fun airbrushing these 2 espeacially the Mig-29 with it blue hues.  Reckon ive figured out the basics on the airbrush by the time there two where completed but then will see when i attempt a model ive taken time building.

Below photo is straight after airbrushing and the one above is a few little details paint and then engine, then sprayed a clear gloss coat ready for the decals. Great gloss coat like ive never achived from a rattle can before.

Have no decals for the F-15 going to have to use spares from left completed model, which might look wrong from what ive got to use.


Think i might buy some those hrow away glove due to my finger now being the same as the jets.


bluedonkey99 said...

if you were a Smurf it wouldnt be a problem!

then again, if your were a Smurf - it could get you into real big trouble back home!!

interstesting seeing how the airbrush journey is progressing!

I have just posted a challange for you on my blog ;o)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

paint job on Mig-29 is great. The camouflage effect is like look a cloud in the sky.