Tuesday, 28 February 2012

[Kit Review] - Trumpeter 1/144 - F86F-40-NA Sabre -

[Kit Review] - Trumpeter 1/144 - F86F-40-NA Sabre - Box art

One of the kits ive had in my stash for years and one kit ive already built before, the US Air Force F-86. This is one of those top quality 1/144 model that nearly every 1/144 modellers seems to have built or has one waiting to be built being really very cheap for the level of detail.  Hope the Trumpeter start releasing more fighters in this scale, feels like years since anything been brought out by them with only the promise of new 1/144 models each year.

Even though this kit only comes with one decal option, their are plenty of decal manufacture who can supply you with numerous schemes fro this little jet, haven't decided which version i will do yet but do like the US Air Force sabres with the checkered tail.

You can just about see the great paneling this has with what i really like being the option to have the airbrakes open. Also always nice to have a canopy which also can be open when each piece is seperate. Also remember the previous version i built had very week landing gear but that being one of the first 1/144 models i built might have been because of over hadling and clumsiness.

Only one decal option for the Japanese Self Defense Air Froce, very nice and crisp.

[Kit Review] - Trumpeter 1/144 - F86F-40-NA Sabre - Sprues + Decals



Dunari said...

There is a second version of this kit with US decals. You can check
instruction for this kit at: http://galaxykits.com/instructions/?instruction/279/f-86f-30-na_sabre

Ant Sized Man said...

Yo Dunari, that is a great resource site there, thank you for sharing.

kuekbrianxx said...

Nice review. Your blog has helped make me interested in model kit assembly and painting. Is there any way I can send you a bit of questions from a beginner? Your email address perhaps? I can't find it on your blog. Thanks.